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 (Stories are being added to this site once the original authors are identified, so please check back often)

- Updated February 13, 2010 - is being created as a depository of popular stories – with the intent of matching these stories with the original author.


All too often, we receive e-mails or visit websites that bring touching, inspirational, and thought-provoking stories into our world.  Unfortunately, the author’s name is typically missing from the story – or even worse – the story is attributed to the wrong person. And although no harm is usually intended, the author’s original wording is oftentimes lost in the process. 


This website will attempt to set the record straight by finding the original author for these unattributed stories.  When we do find an Author, we'll present their story on this site as originally written.  Where possible, we'll include links to their websites - so you may enjoy other works they've written.


Following are several stories and poems that have been widely-circulating for years.  We've tracked down and matched the authors to these works and have presented them here for your enjoyment.  In addition, other popular stories are presented that we're still researching.  By doing this, it is hoped that readers will be able to assist us in finding the original author so that they may be properly credited for the work that has brought so much enjoyment to the rest of us.


We hope you enjoy your visit here.  All that we ask of you is the following favor -- next time you receive a modified version of a story you've read on this site, please send a link of the *original* story from this site back to the sender so they'll have the original, properly-attributed version as well.  And if you do happen to find an Author for an un-attributed story listed on this site, please send whatever information you have to:  We really appreciate your help with this.



AUTHORS (no longer) UNKNOWN - Index of stories as originally written by the Author:


"Christmas Love" by Carol Chad


"Information Please" - by Paul Villard


"Keep Your Fork" - by Roger William Thomas


"Life Looked Better in Black & White" - by Steve Vaus


"My Wonderful Grandma" - by Carol Laycock (sometimes titled "Santa Claus" or "Santa Lives")


"One Last Drive" - by Kent Nerburn


"Rudy's Angel" - by Wilma H. Hlawiczka (sometimes titled "Three Yellow Roses" or "Three Roses")


"The Awakening" - by Denise M. "Sonny" Carroll (also known as "A Time Comes In Your Life")


"The Meeting" - by Ashley Kuchenski


"The Pickle Jar" - by A.W. Cobb


"The Sandpiper" - by Mary Sherman Hilbert - (update: 02/13/10 - true author found)


"The Secret Garden" - by Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards (also known as "The Daffodil Principle" and "Where the Sun Splashed Gold") - (update: 02/09/10 - the garden has closed)


"These Things I Wish For You" - by Lee Pitts (often incorrectly attributed to Paul Harvey)


"The Tale of Three Trees"- by Angela Etwell Hunt



AUTHORS (still) UNKNOWN - Index of stories presently being researched:


"By the Fence" (Assumed Title - usually titled "A Love Story")




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